The yellow M3

It was a warm summers afternoon in Cape Town, South Africa. A friend and I had decided to take a walk to our local store to buy some ice cream to cool ourselves down. It was 2001, and annoyingly for me the new school year had just started a week earlier. I didn’t know much about life or about myself up until that point, I was living life pretty much the way any nine year old boy would, just one game or adventure at a time. Back then everything seemed so exciting. I remember one day during a school gathering the principle was giving a speech to the entire school on the courtyard, only to be interrupted by me speaking to my cousin about the family holiday we were going to go to that weekend. I just couldn’t contain my excitement and had to let it out somewhere. Naturally I managed to get both my cousin and myself sent to the principals office later that day. But such was the wonder of life for me at that point. It is therefore perhaps only natural that it was during this period of my life that I stumbled across what would become my lifelong passion. While I was at the store busy paying for my ice-cream, I noticed a distinct sound coming towards us from a distance. As it grew closer and the sound became louder, my curiosity increased. What is that I thought? I glanced quickly at the outside door as it approached. Suddenly a bright yellow flash appeared before my eyes. Before I even had a chance to take my change I rushed outside to see what it was. What I saw was a Phoenix gold E46 BMW M3, a car known for having one of the best engine sounds in any automobile. It’s funny how some memories stay with you long after all others has faded into oblivion. I don’t think I remember my birthday from that year, but I can remember my exact thought as I saw and heard a bright yellow M3 blast into the distance. That thought was one of amazement, of wonder and of sheer and utter excitement. “Wow”, I thought, “what a car, I never heard anything like that before” I proclaimed to my equally as excited friend. This one experience ignited within me a passion for cars that burns even brighter today than it ever has before. It is my wish to share this passion with you through high quality automotive content, motorsport news, classic racing style fashion and accessories. My name is Riyaadh Raciet, and welcome to

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